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26 September 2020 @ 12:13 am

Friends Only

Basically, I'll friend anyone I get along with. Just leave a comment.

If you want me to friend you, but you feel weird asking, don't worry about it...just leave a comment and say hi or something. I don't bite, I swear. Well, okay. Maybe sometimes. :P

Please note that if you don't leave a comment, I might not notice that you've added me to your list, and then I'll never friend you back.

Also please note that if you are homophobic or prejudiced in any such way, you and I will not get along...so please don't waste my time by commenting.

And if you are a Republican, welcome, but be forewarned: I am an outspoken Democrat and a lot of Bush-bashing goes on in here. I won't apologize if my opinions offend you because this is, after all, my journal.